Understanding Tombstones

We have been working with families in a time of heartache, needing tombstones, for almost 50 years and we know you have more important thing to take care of.

With this page, we hope to clarify our terminology in order to get this step off your to-do list completed as quickly as possible.

When ordering a tombstone, we will be asking about the following components:

1.  Headstone

  • Our tombstones are made from polished granite
  • Design of your choice, just choose the design that best suit your needs.
  • Lettering (We include 100 characters in the standard price & the cost for additional characters is R4 per letter extra)
  • Optional Extras:

Choose a headstone:

Single Tombstone (single grave)

Double Tombstone (Shared grave, with 2 graves next to each other) 

Double Depth (8Ft) Tombstone
(1 Shared grave, with 2 caskets on top of each other)  

Baby Tombstone

  • Design (below is just some of our options)
  • Color photo on a ceramic base

2.  Base

The base is the portion of the tombstone that the headstone rest on.

3.  Pot

We offer two types of pots:

a) Black Granite Pots

Pots are available ( as below from left to right):

  • Polished
  • Polished with writing
  • Polished with a motive
  • Polished with a laser-etched image

White Marble Pot

4.  Slab / Chips / Tile

Slab / Chips / Tile is the option to cover the tombstone:

  • Slab is a solid granite slab 5mm or 7 mm thick
  • Chips are broken rock (pebbles) white or grey
  • Tiles are solid granite tiles (5mm) and fit within the kerb

5.  Kerb

 Is the edge of the tombstone, made from granite and either polished only top or all sides

6.  Foundation

The foundation is the beginning of the actual grave with the top layer being the cement slab that projects the grave.

7. Grave Marker

Granite cross on concrete base  used to mark a grave till tombstone is completed.

8.  Grave linings

We also provide grave linings and lids for newly excavated graves to ensure that  graves does not collapse at a later stage.